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Flat Tummy Wrap

slender tone wrapFinally ready to get rid of that pudgy tummy for good? Try adding the Flat Tummy solution to your body wraps!

Centuries ago, sugar was not readily available like it is today so it had to be consumed in small amounts by eating fruits and vegetables.  These foods gave people a great amount of energy; however, the human body was not designed to handle large amounts of sugar. When sugar became more available, and affordable, people consumed more of it – changing the sweet substance from an energy source into a fat source that is stored in the midsection. Soon, a little added weight was a sign of health and prosperity.

Today we know better.  However sugar is more abundant than ever and is a main ingredient in most prepackaged items.  People are addicted to the sweet stuff!  The Flat Tummy Wrap gives the body what it needs to metabolize sugar correctly.  The wrap turns sugar back into an energy source and helps you to feel less hungry from burning stored fat!  Clients also find it easier to lose weight because of less fat and sugar cravings after getting the Flat Tummy Wrap!

The best part is what you eat after your wrap will not be stored around the stomach and waistline!

The solution continues to work for 3-7 days after the wrap for further results. The more often you do the wrap, the more your body will reregulate sugar from fat to an energy source!

Add the Flat Tummy to your next body wrap!

A new client came into the salon before her vacation and tried the Flat Tummy upgrade with her Slender Tone Body Wrap. She lost inches throughout her stomach and was thrilled with her results! She called the salon after her vacation just to say "I haven't felt that good in a bikini since before I had my children!" She is now a regular client.

One of our return clients has been coming into the salon for years. On her last two appointments, she tried the Flat Tummy upgrade and said her pants just keep feeling looser and looser! She did the wraps only periodically but was so ecstatic with her results that she bought a 3 Pack with the Flat Tummy upgrades!

With the other wraps, this client noticed the inch loss but could never keep it off. With the Flat Tummy Wrap, she lost 3 inches in all belly measurements. She also lost an additional inch between wraps and, most importantly, her inches did not come back! She lost 3 pounds after her first wrap and 2 pounds after the second one. She has finally found something to help with inch loss in the midsection and is now able to keep them off!


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